The Multi-Blade Lenghtwise Cut Gang Rip Saw "MLS" has been devised for executing multiple cut or grooves on panels, also with veneered surfaces and coated with various materials and it can be used, for the production of components for furniture, interior doors, flooring and building semi-finished materials.

Some technical data:

  1. Lower Cutting Spindle
  2. Easy access to the tools-holder spindle
  3. Feeding system by driving rollers
  4. Working capacity from 800 up to 3100 mm in width
  5. Cutting capacity up to 60mm in thickness
  6. Available in different models with different features

It is a special cutting machine studied for the lenghtwise ripping of wood-base panels and plastic sheets. The machine could eventually be supplied with special equipments, loading devices for panels and unloading devices for cut stripes, in according to the production requirements of the customer.

gang rip saw Standard

version "Standard"

Trough-feed roller device with anti-chipping working tablet and a contrast wheel bar in opposition to the circular tools. Ideal solution for cutting thick panels.

gang rip saw pd

version "pd"

Ideal configuration for the multi-ripping of panels even of the fine thickness. Feeding rollers system with double bar with contrasting wheels to the tool in work.

gang rip saw 2rr

version "2rr"

Ideal configuration for milling decorative and acoustic panels. Feeding system with motorized rollers with sides containing fences passing along the whole machine.

gang rip saw pd 2rr

version "pd 2rr"

This configuration represents the compromise between the extreme need for cutting and therefore the milling of the panel referred to the edges of the panel.

gang rip saw 2rr + 2cv

version "2rr + 2cv"

Milling machine for panels with contrast roller, lateral containing fences and side vertical spindles for the execution of the male-female joints typical of the wall panels.